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Technology Disruptors and their effect on the Law Firm Service Delivery
partial image of a motherboardMaking Sense of AI, Cognitive Computing and Blockchain Technologies

Technology is becoming more prevalent within law firms as well as legal departments as the practice of law has become disrupted through the use and advances in technology. As advances in law technology have revolutionized today’s legal landscape, so has the evolution of the role of the legal professional. Technological developments in legal services technology have impacted every aspect of the legal field, from law firm and corporate practice to courtroom operation and document management. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing and Blockchain are the technologies making their impact on many industries including law firms and legal services.

This program will provide law firm management with the tools to analyze and align the right technology to the law firm service being delivered.

Delivering Knowledge-as-a-Service
design images on a whiteboardEmpowering your people with intelligent access to knowledge!

Delivering Knowledge as a Service – KaaS, is not the same as Software as a Service (SaaS) although both share the foundational aspect of being cloud based. KaaS is about delivering the right knowledge to the right person in the right context at the right time via desktop, laptop or any mobile device. Catchy, yes but practical! KaaS delivery of knowledge consists of both explicit and tacit knowledge. It allows for access to tangible knowledge such as how-to’s, lessons learned, best practices, proven workflows, case studies, procedural manuals, plans, and templates as well as to the people who are experts about that knowledge.

This program will provide the participants with the understanding of KaaS as well as the tools and techniques to launch KaaS at their organization.

Content Monetization in the age of AI and Big Data
open laptop computer on desktopAchieve greater monetization efficiency and distribution of your organization’s Big Data

Content monetization involves learning new ways to package, distribute and market your digital assets (data, information, and knowledge) to generate revenue. In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (i.e., Unstructured, Semi-structured, and Structured data) more organizations are looking for ways that their content can be packaged and distributed to take advantage of this new revenue opportunity. However, to take advantage of AI and your Big Data assets you must curate your content to prepare your content to take advantage of AI tools and the increased opportunities for monetization.

This program will provide the participants with the understanding of how to prepare your Big Data for monetization and the AI tools that will empower your customers to use your data!

Effectively putting Knowledge Management into Practice at your Organization
person pointing at sticky notes on a whiteboardLearn how to successfully implement and/or energize a Knowledge Management Program at your Organization for optimal results!

Effectively putting Knowledge Management (KM) into Practice demonstrates how knowledge management should be implemented for greater results. This session will provide specific KM methods, tips, techniques, and best practices to gain competitive advantage and the most from investing in KM. Essential KM concepts are explored not only from a foundational perspective but also from a practical application. These concepts include capturing and codifying tacit and explicit knowledge, KM methods, information architecture, search, and the adoption of KM.

This program will provide the participants with the understanding as well as the tools and techniques to successfully engage your organization to implement and execute a Knowledge Management Program.

The Secret Ingredient to successfully implementing Artificial Intelligence at your Organization
artificial intelligenceLearn how to successfully leverage AI/Machine Learning at your Organization for optimal results!

Most of the discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is focused on Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, and Big Data Analytics. However, you must prepare your organization’s data in order to properly take advantage of AI tools that are focused on Big Data Analytics (such as, IBM Watson, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google). To properly prepare your data you will need to apply Information Architecture.

Information Architecture (IA) is AI’s secret ingredient. IA provides the process, procedures and methods to perform Content (semi-structured and unstructured data) Curation. IA being applied to perform content curation focuses on the semi-structured and unstructured data that comprises over 90% of the data being analyzed by big data analytics. Semi-structured data is a form of data that is not in a database or data tables and contains tags to separate elements and enforce hierarchies within the data (i.e., spreadsheets, XML files). Unstructured data is a form of data (also not in a database or data table) with no tagging, metadata or inherent structured associated with it (i.e., image, text, voice, and video).

This program will provide the participants with the tools and techniques to successfully leverage Information architecture techniques to prepare your data for optimal data analytic results!

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